Welcome to Angels of Eureka

Angels of Eureka is about Life, Love, Hope Support and Comfort for those dealing with tragedy or loss.
In our web shop you will find that perfect gift to console anyone who is facing hard times. We donate 15% of sales to support charities that are devoted to supporting and strengthening those who are grieving or going through hard times.
Our sister site, the Circle of Life provides secure and private support groups that you can use to create networks for what ever cause you wish, be that a support group for grieving mothers, or online celebrations of the lives of your family and friends. Your loved one can be celebrated and remembered here on the Cirle of Life, by creating a Memorial Wall for them. Here on the Circle of Life, we call them your "Angel". Preserve and cherish their legacy and share memories and precious details about your Angel with their close family and friends. You choose what to post. You choose who can participate in conversations. You choose who can view the content that you share.